LDS Temple Dresses: Importance and Modern Examples

April 16, 2024

Temple dresses are an extremely important part of your Mormon life, serving as a visible reminder of the sacred nature of LDS temple worship and the importance of approaching God with humility, purity, and respect.

Wearing clothing that outlines the purity of your relationship with Christ is a continuous reminder of the covenants made in the temple. And finding beautiful dresses that meet the guidelines of modesty and chastity that are both comfortable and flattering doesn’t have to be a challenge. 

In this post, we detail the factors that make temple dresses special and explain how you can still find a dress that glorifies God and is elegantly tailored to your unique aesthetic. That way, you can find the best options for LDS temple dresses that are functional, fashionable, modest, and appropriate.

LDS temple dresses

The Significance and Requirements of Temple Dresses

Temple dresses are a symbol of reverence and respect when attending special ceremonies and worship services held in LDS temples. These dresses are specifically designed to be modest and appropriate for the sacred atmosphere of the temple, and looking for these key points ensures you select a dress that is appropriate in terms of:

  • Modesty: Temple dresses are modest in design, typically covering the shoulders and collarbone as well as the arms in addition to maintaining a maxi length. This modesty reflects the reverence Mormons have for the sacred ordinances performed in the temple.
  • Symbolism: The white color of temple dresses symbolizes purity and spiritual cleanliness. It represents the desire to come before God with a pure heart and a clear conscience.
  • Purpose: Temple dresses are worn during important ceremonies such as baptisms, endowments, and sealings, which Mormons believe are essential for their spiritual progression and eternal salvation.

LDS temple dresses are not just worn for chastity and modesty, although these are essential reasons. Spiritually, temple dresses play a large role in personally promoting subservience and trust in Christ. It is important to outwardly show the covenant, or spiritual promise, between yourself and Christ.

They are also a personal, physical reminder of the promise to follow Jesus Christ completely. Wearing a temple dress is a great way to reflect your commitment and complete trust in the Lord. LDS temple dresses are also essential for being chaste in the spiritual presence of Christ by symbolizing purity while in service.

They should be humble, modest, and comfortable to fully show the holiness of the covenant between yourself and Christ. Outwardly, an LDS temple dress should reflect spiritual submission to Christ, meaning it should maintain a high level of chastity.

LDS temple dresses

Finding Modern Yet Modest White Temple Dresses

When it comes to modest temple dresses, a variety of styles can make choosing the right dress hard, as it can be difficult to determine the modesty of potential temple dresses. Here are a few simple things to look for in LDS temple dresses that can make the process of choosing the perfect dress easier:

  • Hem length: LDS temple dresses should always be floor length. This length is not only considered to be an appropriate and modest hem length but is also in fashion as it’s the same length as a maxi dress.
  • Neckline and sleeves: The neckline should be up to the collarbone to ensure complete modesty, and the sleeves should be full length as well, covering your arms to the wrist..
  • Color: The color of temple dresses should always be white, with no exceptions. So cream or off-white would not be appropriate.
  • Adornments:Any jewels, sequins, glitter, or other adornments should be avoided when choosing a dress.
  • Styles: While temple dresses share common features of modesty and purity, they come in various styles to accommodate individual preferences and body types. Some may have lace or embroidery accents, while others are simpler in design.
  • Personal expression: Despite the common guidelines for modesty, temple dresses allow for personal expression and individual style. Women may choose dresses that reflect their personality and taste while still adhering to the principles of modesty and reverence.

Women’s Temple Dresses with Lace Details

The White Modest Temple Dress

This LDS temple dress comes with full-length sleeves and an intricate lace fabric, giving it a refined, yet modest air. With a balance of elegance and chastity, this temple dress is high quality, making it an airy, light dress. This elegant maxi dress is ideal for worship, symbolizing purity and charm in one look.

The Prosperity Modest Temple dress

Comfortably loose, this maxi dress is lined with white crocheted lace and fitted with long, simple sleeves. This temple dress is perfect for service, with the relaxed sizing making for a non-restrictive, fresh appearance. Exuding sweetness, this temple dress is an excellent addition to the wardrobe.

LDS temple dresses

The Tiassa Modest Temple dress

This modest, stunning maxi dress is created with delicate white lace embroidery. Made with a chaste amount of modesty in mind, the high, rounded neckline is the perfect addition to this delicately classy dress. With its pure white, feminine detail, this temple dress is a must-have for worship.

LDS Temple Dresses in Plus-Size

The Brightly Modest Temple dress

This white, satin dress is a beautiful temple dress, with long sleeves and a round neckline. With both elegance and modesty, this gorgeous modest temple dress has an elastic waistline added, making the dress more comfortable for all sizes.

The Hope Ann Modest Temple Dress

Modest and elegant, this beautiful LDS temple dress is fitted with an airy Swiss dot–inspired skirt and an embroidered bodice. Complete with a round neckline and pockets, this chaste, pure maxi dress is an absolutely lovely temple dress.

LDS temple dresses

The Chalsey Modest Temple Dress

This dress is an absolutely perfect dress, with a cute, ruffled neckline and airy tiered skirt. Flowy and chaste, this LDS temple dress is a gorgeous, comfortable fit complete with accommodating pockets.

The Shellie Modest Temple Dress

With long sleeves and a modest, scallop hem, this dress is both light and modest. With the added bonus of an elastic waist, this dress is both comfy and sophisticated, making it the perfect temple dress.

Affordable Temple Dresses

The Annlee Modest Temple Dress

This is a modest, affordable dress perfect for service. Full of elegance, this LDS temple dress is created with a round neckline, flowing skirt, and a belted waistline. This dress is also made with long sleeves, ideal for the seasons of winter or summer.

The Trilby Modest Temple Dress

This dress creates an adorable look, with a beautiful flowy skirt and rounded high neckline. Containing a floor-length hem, the Trilby Modest Temple Dress is a perfect fit for worship and is also both affordable and high-quality, which makes it a must-have for your temple wardrobe.

LDS temple dresses

White Modest Temple Dress

A gorgeous maxi dress, this dress is ideal in every way, created with a round neckline and fitting pockets. The White Modest Temple Dress is blended with elegance and charm, while also being an affordable choice. This dress also has long sleeves, which makes it an excellent choice for every season!

LDS temple dresses hold a significant place in the hearts of Mormons, symbolizing purity, reverence, and spiritual commitment. As we've explored, these dresses are not just garments but a reflection of deeply held beliefs and values.

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